Brand New Mobile Recording & Screen Capture Video Technology

"Brilliant" Video Editor Makes Creating "Train & Explain" Videos A Breeze, With Mobile Recording & Screen Capture Technology.

Easily capture, record, edit, and create the videos you want to share...

  • Capture Video Anytime, Anywhere With NEW Mobile Recording Capabilities
  • Complete Blank Canvas Editor for limitless possibilities
  • Updated User-interface for smooth, fast, flexible video editing
  • Perfect for creating E-learning Video Courses & Tutorials
  • Jam-Packed with Must-Have Video Editing Features
  • Built-In Text-To-Speech Engine with Language Translator
  • Capture Video Anytime, Anywhere With NEW Mobile Recording Capabilities
  • Complete Blank Canvas Editor for limitless possibilities
  • Updated User-interface for smooth, fast, flexible video editing
  • Perfect for creating E-learning Video Courses & Tutorials
  • Jam-Packed with Must-Have Video Editing Features
  • Built-In Text-To-Speech Engine with Language Translator

According To Stratistics MRC,
The Global E-Learning Market Was

Estimated To Be An Astounding $398 BILLION By 2026

(From $176 Billion In 2017)!

2020’s Events Have Dramatically Accelerated This Forecast...

It’s Evident The E-Learning Industry Isn’t Going Anywhere. In Fact, It Is One Of (If Not)
THE Fastest Growing Segments On The Internet PERIOD!

Everyone can tap into this ever-growing market and create a complete E-learning Video training course on ANY subject imaginable - It’s not just universities and grade schools - But what we can train and explain to teach one another.

Why not establish yourself as an authority in your market using video, and create new income possibilities while sharing something you’re an expert at, or something you love to do?

Anyone Can Create An Online Video Course On Any Subject.
There’s No Limit To What You Can Create!

All You Need Are The Right Tools To Start Creating Your
Unique Training Style Videos!

VidSnatcher 2.0 Is

Your Perfect Solution…

Vidsnatcher 2.0 opens up so many opportunities with its multi language features. Now you can profit from the ever growing multi-billion dollar, multilingual market. Start spreading your message beyond just your native language, and share with people World Wide.

Train And Teach Engaged Users

Create And Sell Online
Courses For 100% Profit!

Charge Top Dollar
For Video Editing Services!

Translate Old Videos To Any Language
And Reach New Customers!

Combine And Customize Videos From Other Video Apps

Unbeatable Value
At An Unbeatable Price

Be The Voice
Of Your Niche Market!

Easy Learning Curve,
No Editing Skills Required

Create Video Content Your Viewers Will Love,
Engage And Interact With


VidSnatcher 2.0 Can Put You On The Fast Track To Tapping Into This Massive,
Fast-Growing Market!
Quickly And Easily Create Video Training Courses, Explainer Videos, And Tutorials With VidSnatcher’s Suite Of Editing Tools.

Why Spend $100’s On Other Video Editors With LESS Capabilities?

The Choice Is Clear…

Watch These
Great Features In Action…



Host Your Online Courses &
Videos On The Cloud For FREE

It’s no news that the #1 video hosting platform on the planet is YouTube.

However, hosting your videos on YouTube comes with great sacrifice.

… Let me explain,

YouTube is designed to siphon traffic from your website & bring it back to YouTube by suggesting videos that are not related to you, to your viewers.

As a result - you’re losing your hard earned traffic & sales.

The only way to stop this from happening (secure your traffic) is to stop hosting your marketing videos on YouTube.

Alternatively, you can host your videos on other platforms like Vimeo or Wistia, but they charge very expensive monthly fees…

Luckily, I’ve discovered a new video hosting platform that will host & secure your marketing videos.

This time, you’re not losing your traffic to suggested videos… No ads playing in-between your video to interrupt viewers.

Plus, you don’t need to pay a dime to use this platform… It’s completely free.

As part of my bonuses for VidSnatcher, I’ll give you free access to this premium video hosting tool…



Exclusive Access To My Next Software - VIDYSUITE

VidySuite is an all in one video creation app that’s designed to allow marketers like you to create powerful, highly engaging videos that skyrockets your sales… and increase profit fast.

You already know we are in a video era… and I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of video tools recently.

… But VidySuite is different & far BETTER than every other tool out there.

It’s the most complete video software ever built… Garnished with the combined power of 6 different video app all locked inside one dashboard.

This new software will empower marketers like you to create HOT videos that grabs attention easily… exploding your traffic, leads & sales.

And when you purchase VidSnatcher 2.0 through our link, you'll get free access to VidySuite (plus commercial license)


​Free Access To A Membership Site
For Your Online Courses

How would you like for my team and I to help you create a membership
platform that will secure & store the online courses you’re going to
create with VidSnatcher?

… Just like platforms like Teachable & Kajabi (which are paid
platforms), but you’re not paying a dime for this one.

As part of my bonus for VidSnatcher, I’ll help you setup a membership
platform for FREE.

Doing this will boost your credibility & set you up as an authority in the
E-learning industry… and also cause your sales & profit to increase.

Secure & Store your online courses with ease…

No need to ever bother about how you will deliver your courses
to customers.

This bonus is valued at $497… but you’ll get it for free when you purchase
VidSnatcher through my link today.


​Done for You Facebook &
Google Ads Marketing Assets

After creating your Videos & setting up your Editing your videos inside Vidsnatcher , the next thing is to driving traffic & selling to your customers… And as we already know, Facebook & Google are 2 of the best platforms to find customers online.

As a bonus for Vidsnatchaer, I and my team will help you create a winning Facebook & Google ad campaign + all the marketing assets you need…

just grab it, deploy… and start making profit.

  • We will create high converting Facebook & Google Ad images for you
  • We will help you create attention grabbing headlines for your Ads
  • We will create high converting Ad copies for you.

Again, you don’t need to do anything… just grab it, deploy & start getting sales


​Access to My Secret Ad Platform

What if you could run classified Ads online & drive massive traffic to your Courses, blog website, landing page, offers without paying a single dime?

This has nothing to do with SEO or ranking… so you’re not doing any tedious work.

As part of my special bonus package for Vidsnatcher, I’ll give you access to 3 Ad platforms with millions of visitors & traffic, where you can post your Ad & drive quality traffic to your website for FREE… You’re not paying a single dime.

Get access to quality traffic that you can turn to sales with ease.

You’re getting this bonus from me for FREE when you purchase Vidsnatcher  through me today…


​Vidmonial 2.0 (Value $197)

As you already know, video testimonials are the most powerful selling tool today. Vidmonial 2 gives you the ability to capture your clients’ authentic testimonials quickly and easily and then share them on your sites or anywhere that you want.


10 Done For You Extra Templates In Various Niches (Value $147)

Get instant access to 10 additional high quality done for you templates with commercial rights if you pick up VidSnatcher 2.0 today.


​Business Finder App (Value $197)

Easily find clients who desperately need your video editing services. Unlimited use of this powerful Business Finder App.


​Animated Alpha Lower Thirds (Value $147)

Studio quality lower thirds with commercial rights that you can easily add to your projects inside VidSnatcher or with any other program. All lower thirds are in alpha format.


​Logo Creator App (Value $147)

Create pixel perfect logos for your or your client’s business within seconds. Simply enter the name of the business and choose from thousands of variations. Finally, download the HQ version of your logo along with vector files. It's that easy.


100 High Quality Royalty Free Background Music Tracks (Value $147)

Use our Royalty Free High Fidelity music for your background tracks on all your videos for peace of mind. No legal issues or copyright strikes for you or your clients to be concerned about

OTO 1 Bonuses


E-Learning Business Setup

As part of my bonuses for Vidsnatcher, I and my team are going to help you setup a profitable E-learning business that you can do from anywhere.

If you’re buying Vidsnatcher to make money from it, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to pickup my bonuses alongside.

Here’s what you’re getting inside;

1. We (I & my team) will help you create an e-learning website like Udemy, where you can showcase your courses for people to buy (Valued at $997)

Click Here To See The Website Preview

2. I’ll give you free access to 5 done for you video courses that you sell as your own (Valued at $997)

3. I’ll give you free access to 5 done for you eBook courses that you can convert to a video course and sell online (Valued at $497)

4. I’ll give you free access to My Traffic Course on how to tap into millions of traffic via Gmail (Valued at $297)

Total value of everything you’re getting is - $2,788.

I’m giving away this bonus package to the first 25 persons to grab Vidsnatcher through my link today.


​7 billion visual assets
An arsenal of visual assets & creatives
(Value $499)

This is an arsenal of visual assets & creatives containing over 7 billion visual assets that will enable you create stunning video & images that your audience will find very hard to resist.

Inside you have;

  • 10,000+ Audio tracks
  • 8000+ Animated Backgrounds
  • 2 Million HD Stock Images
  • 200+ PPT Template
  • 18,000+ HD Video Vector Designa
  • 1,000+ GIF assets
  • And more inside.
  • 100+ Illustration Character
  • 50+ call to action buttons
  • 50+ shapes & elements
  • 50+ royalty-free music track

    This is worth more than the price you’ll pay for VidSnatcher, but I’ll give it to you for FREE when you purchase through me today