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We will help you setup a complete Messenger bot agency & Video marketing Agency Business from scratch.

… Everything is done by us, you don’t need to do any work.

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  1. We will help you build an agency business that spins steady cash for you in TWO of the hottest niches right now - Messenger bot agency & Video marketing
  1. We will give you access to TWO premium apps that you’re going to use to sell & deliver both services to your clients.
  1. ​We will give you access to professionally designed websites that you’ll use to sell your services to clients… 1 out of 3 visitors usually converts to clients after visiting this website.

  2. ​We will give you access to a FREE training showing you how to get high paying clients with Facebook Ads… including the targeting & Ads creatives.

  3. We will give you access to our high converting prospecting kit that you can use to pitch your service to stone-cold prospects & convert them to happy clients.
  1. We will help you draft a feasible pricing plan that works well for both you and your clients.


​Access to 200+ Hot Selling Ecom Products
+ Marketing Videos

One question keep coming to mind when I think of you picking up Trafficize through me today.

What would you do with the massive traffic from Trafficize?

Think of it, Wherever there is Traffic there is advertisement and sales.

The question is what would you be selling to your audience.

Which is why when you pick-up Genie through my link today you will be getting exclusive Access to 200+ Hot Selling Ecom Products + Marketing Videos

Uduala is a cloud based ecom domination platform where users access winning ecom products plus their facebooks ads.

For each winning product; users get the product description, high converting images, pricing recommendations & markups, competition spy, link to the right dropship supplier (that will deliver a quality product and ship on time to avoid refunds).

It’s VERY simple to do…

  • Clone a successful Ecom biz’ and make a recurring 5 figure income
  • Get 100+ hot selling products, with pre-chosen suppliers
  • Get 100+ ‘ready-to-upload’ FB Ads – it’s all “Done for You”
  • Get NEW products + ads, for you to deploy every week 
  • ZERO learning curve - 100% Newbie-Friendly 
  • Just 10 mins a day - 1 Click import into your store


​2000 + email marketing Swipes

we’ve been engaging & communicating with our clients via emails & we understand very well how to sell online using high compelling email copy.

This is why, when you purchase Genie through our link todaywe’ll give you access to our email marketing swipe file containing 2000+ dfy written emails that can use to market to your clients.

the swipe file contains every kind of email for your email marketing needs… Inside you have;

  • Engagement email
  • Follow email sequence
  • Promotional Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Welcome emails
  • Seasonal campaign emails etc …


​Leverage Social Proof & FOMO

People tend to follow what others are already doing, also known as the ‘herd effect.’ This completely obliterates buyer’s remorse.

That little voice that says ‘you’re about to make a mistake’ instantly changes to "So many people can’t be wrong. If they are already in, then this is a good deal. I need to get in on this too."

That’s it. One little encouraging push and you make that sale! It works. Period.

As one of my VIP Bonuses for Trafficize you are getting lifetime Access to ClickFOMO

ClickFOMO helps website and ecom store owners harness the psychological principle of the herd effect, social proof and fomo - 'the fear of missing out' to double, triple or even quadruple their website or store conversions. Currently selling for $67…


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