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Hey, it’s Brendan Mace. A regular Canadian dude & #1 Best Selling software developer on the W+ network.

Today I make well over 6 figures per month online … but starting out was

It meant investing money I couldn’t afford to lose … a common problem for so many new marketers.

That’s why I developed Stomperrr - an all-in-one DFY system that works with zero upfront costs.

Perfect for both beginners AND current marketers that want to diversify without the usual BS & expenses.

To do it, I had to address the “elephant in the room” that the gurus don’t talk about: 




… It’s YOUR money & time on the line … and there are
ZERO guarantees you’ll make a profit

BUT when you help OTHER business owners instead …
There’s ZERO risk because you get paid upfront.

And the RIGHT system can help you make 6+ figures




Just By Giving Marketers What They Can’t Live Without

Don’t worry - this has NOTHING to do with learning new skills or doing ANY work. 

With this software, everything’s automated for you from A-Z.




  • The software finds prospects FOR you in any niche
  • It generates professional reports detailing specific problems  with each prospect’s websites 
  • Included email templates convert prospects into PAYING clients,  by showing how you can help them 
  • AND the software provides the SOLUTION to optimize  website speed for your new customers



Bonus #1:

​AdaComply Agency Upgrade:
(Worth $497)

​Here’s a chance to earn more with Stomperrr by upselling a hot selling service that your clients
desperately need.

With this, you can earn an extra $1k - $3k consistently.

Stomperrr is designed to help business owners recover lost sales on their website, so the target
is mainly website owners… you help them & charge as high as $1k per client.

Now, what if you sell ADA compliance service to the same clients & earn extra income.

Every year, thousands of business owners spend at least $10k on lawsuits as a result of ADA Compliance… and most businesses pay as high as $5k to make their website compliant.

As one of my bonuses for Stomperrr, I’ll give you access to my software called AdaComply + agency upgrade…

with this software you can make your clients website ADA compliant in ONE minute & charge between $1k - $3k for your service.

==>> See AdaComply in Action

When you purchase Stomperrr through me, you’re getting free access to AdaComply + the agency

This is valued at $497 but you can get it for FREE from me today after you purchase Stomperrr.

Bonus #2:

DFY Freelance Market Place Setup

(Worth $297)

One of the cool features inside Stomperrr is that it’s able to help you find clients with traffic & sales issues (then Stomperrr fixes the issue)…

With this, you won’t have too much on traffic & finding clients for your business.

But the thing is that - a lot of persons are going to purchase Stomperrr like you and you will
all be reaching out to the same group of clients that Stomperrr generates - which means

However, that’s not a problem for you… here’s a fix.

What if you setup a freelance marketplace like Fiverr or upwork where you can drive traffic to and
offer them your service using Stomperrr?

Trust me, this is super cool!

while other persons are struggling over the clients inside Stomperrr, you have an extra advantage
to get clients outside & even earn more money.

As part of my bonuses for Stomperrr, I’ll help you setup a freelance marketplace like Fiverr
or Upwork where you can offer as many services as you want and sell to your clients.

This is valued at $297, but you're getting it today for FREE when you purchase Stomperrr through me

Bonus #3:

​WHOIS email database
(Worth $497)

You can make  over $50k in 7 weekse using this special WHOIS email database which is available as one of mybonuses. This database has the contact info of millions of business owners

You can contact 100 of them everyday using a special email swipe (Included Stomperrr email templates convert prospects into PAYING clients, by showing how you can help them).  \

Here's What You'll Get Access To:

  • 23 Million US Businesses Database
  • 300 Million Global Domain & Website owners Database

You will also get instant access to:

  • 1.2 Million Realtors Eamils
  • 150,000 Home Builders And Constructors Emails
  • 15,000 CPS $ Accounting Emails
  • 19,000 Veterinarian and Animal Hospitals Emails
  • 230,000 US Physicians Emails
  • 11,654 Chiropractors Emails
  • 21,000 Loan Officers Emails
  • 37,000 Dentists Emails
  • 20,000 Insurance Agents and Brokers Emails
  • 50,000+ Websites Built On Clickfunnels
  • 120,000 Clickfunnels Members

Bonus #4:

​How to Earn More Profit With Stomperrr 

(Worth $197)

As one of my bonuses for Stomperrr, I’m helping you setup a fully functional freelance marketplace like Upwork or Fiverr…

And, I’m also giving you access to a $100 free google ads credit that will guarantee free traffic for you.

But here’s the coolest part;

How would you like to make more money selling 5 of the hottest services online… you
don’t need to do any work yourself.

We’ll connect you with freelancers that will help you do the work for cheap prices.

All you need do is focus on getting clients & sell your services to them…

We’ll give you 5 services that your clients desperately need and are ready to pay you for
it plus show you freelancers who will handle the work for you fast & cheap.

This is valued at $197, but you can get it from me for FREE when you purchase Stomperrr
through me today

Bonus #5:

​Free Guide; How to Get Free $100 Bing, Facebook, and Google Ad Credit
(Worth $247)

If you’ve never ran an ad campaign on Bing before, seriously you’re losing out on a lot of things, including money.

Bing is the second biggest search engine in the world, behind Google and it cost far cheaper to setup an Ad campaign on Bing than Google.

As part of my bonuses to you, I’m giving you free access to a video training on first;

- How to get $100 Bing Ads credit spending only $10
- How to setup an Ad on Bing.

With this, you’ll have all the traffic you need to get started with ​STOMPERRR

This is normally valued at $247, but you can get it for FREE today.

Bonus #6:

​2000+ Ready made
Email marketing swipes

(Worth $497)

We’ve been engaging & communicating with our clients via emails & we understand very well how to sell online using high compelling email copy.

this is why, when you purchase Stomperr through our link today, we’ll give you access to our email marketing swipe file containing 2000+ dfy written emails that can use to market to your clients.

the swipe file contains every kind of email for your email marketing needs… Inside you have;

+ Engagement email
+ Follow email sequence
+ Promotional Emails
+ Newsletters
+ Welcome emails
+ Seasonal campaign emails etc …

this swipe file is currently being used by our team & have never been given out as a bonus. It’s currently valued at $497, but you’ll get it for FREE when you purchase Stomperrr through me

Bonus #7:

​Step By Step Guide On How to Build An Email List +
Free Funnel Tracking Software

(Worth $127)

Email marketing is a high-impact, low-cost way of delivering your marketing message to current customers and prospects, the problem is that a lot of people find list building difficult and very slow.

Well the good news is that you wont be finding list building if you get your hand on my secret here in this bonus, and you can only do that by purchasing Stomperrr through me.

Also, As an entrepreneur, it is very challenging to keep track of your sales process. It becomes more difficult when you intend to convert a lead to a customer, no matter the type of business you may be running. Not just funnel tracking, but also figuring out how to turn leads into potential customers is a problem most teams are facing.

This Software will help you see how your funnel is doing and possible things to do to convert your leads to customers.

This bonus is valued $127 , you will be getting this for free if you purchase Stomperr through my link.

Bonus #8:

​How to get into 50 million
Gmail Inbox without a list 

(Worth $279)

What if you could send a single email to over 50 million persons to purchase your product? How many sales do you think you can get?

Your guess is true! you’ll be swimming in at least, 100s of sales.

Now, what if you can reach these 50 million persons spending just few pennies?

When you purchase Stomperr through me, I’ll show you how to blast a single email of your offer to 50 million+ persons with just few pennies.

You’re getting this as one of my VIP bonuses for Stomperr

Bonus #9:

​FB List Monster

(Worth $197)

Build Your List with REAL Email Addresses and Reach Your Subscribers in Many Ways! Get real email addresses from your visitors... and instantly add them to your self-hosted email list using this cool amazing piece of software. The money is in the list. 

That's what successful internet marketers always say. And if you are serious in making money online following their tips will surely make you successful. You see, building an email list comes in various ways and in various sources. You can just setup a Squeeze page and promote it in various media, OR the other cool one is use the power of Facebook. The problem with list building is that, there are some email addresses in your list that are not working, some are even dummies.

The cool thing about list building through facebook is that, the email of the users are verified and it's real. How cool was that?

Bonus #10:

Ultimate List building
Pop-up Tools

(Worth $279)

98% of visitors leave your site without taking action. Don’t let your time, money, and traffic-driving efforts go to waste. Stop visitors from leaving with an exit intent like this.

Use this lead generation tools (see: pop-ups) to generate leads, grow your email list

The very secret to earning huge recurrent income online, whether you’re selling through your website or blogs, is having a list of audience that you can continually send emails to.

The top marketers are always adding to their email list & this is what you should be doing too.

For this reason, I’m giving you access to my list building pop-up tool. It’ll immediately pop-up when a visitor lands on your website or blog, then capture their email address & other details.

This tool is valued at $279, But I’m giving it out to you for FREE as part of my special bonuses for Stomperr