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Hi my name is Sam Bakker, 

Today I’m here to share with you how you can immediately save thousands of dollars in ad costs, target your ‘website visitors’ more accurately and make more money.

Today you can stop paying money to Facebook for accidental or uninterested website visitors.

Here’s why:

Thousands Of Businesses Are Paying Facebook To Show Ads To Accidental & Uninterested Audiences

It’s said that in order to get someone to buy from you they need to see your product on average 7 times.

That’s why retargeting is the BEST form of advertising.

Retargeting follows your website visitors around the internet until they purchase from you.

This easily increases the amount of sales you make from your website.

The problem is:

Whenever you use retargeting over Facebook, Facebook forces you to advertise to all of your website visitors.

So you pay Facebook to advertise to every visitor including accidental and uninterested visitors who came to your website once and left immediately.

This leads to you paying significantly higher prices for retargeting website visitors, getting significantly lower clickthrough rates on your ads and it’s more difficult to profit. 

The fact is: Businesses are unknowingly flushing millions of dollars down the drain every single day because they are advertising to people who will never buy from them

Upgrade Your Retargeting With a Simple Line Of Code

Whenever you want to retarget website visitors over Facebook, you paste in a code from Facebook onto your website.

This code is called a ‘Facebook Pixel’ and it triggers as soon as someone visits your website. It looks like this:

Facebook then adds that visitor to your ‘retargeting list’ inside of Facebook

You (and every other Facebook advertiser) are then forced to advertise to 100% of your website visitors. You don’t have a choice. You are stuck paying money to advertise to everyone. You are paying money to advertise to accidental and even uninterested website visitors. 

Why? Because Facebook prevents you from identifying your hottest prospects.You are always going to be paying to advertise to visitors who aren’t interested in buying if you are using regular Facebook retargeting.

The only way to solve this problem is by first identifying what level of interest your website visitors have before they are added to your Facebook retargeting list. This way you only advertise to visitors who are likely to buy

Save Time, Money & Only Pay To Advertise To Your Hottest Website Visitors.

Using the latest technology you can now see exactly who is visiting your website, how long they stay, what website they have been referred from, the number of times they’ve visited your website, their geo-location, what device they are using and more.

When a visitor who is interested in your product visits your website, you can use this information to flag them based on their behavior.

You can use this behavior to set off a ‘Virtual Trip Wire’ that identifies hot prospects who visit your website that you want to ‘retarget

Introducing: Retarget by AdSightPro — The Most efficient targeting system ever developed

Regular Retargeting:

​Retarget by AdSightPro:

​Works in 4 Easy Steps:

Login to the software

Choose what visitors you want to ‘retarget’

Paste in a piece of code

​Automatically send
the hottest audiences to Facebook to advertise to

Watch The Demo To See How Easy It Is

WHEN YOU BUY Retarget by ASP THROUGH Me - Ifiok Nk,

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If you’ve tried setting up an Ad campaign on Facebook, you’ll know that it’s not so
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But think about this,

What if you didn’t have to do any guesswork while setting up your Ad campaign. You don’t
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Imagine if you could just copy & paste a successful Ad campaign that has been created
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This is what you’re getting as part of my HUGE bonus pack for Retargeter.

We’ll give you free access to a video course that will show you how to spy and leverage
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When you purchase Retarget through me, as part of my special bonus pack, I and
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We’ll also set it up to send data to your Facebook retargeting list.

You don’t need to bother on the technical part, we’ll help you handle it… So you can have time to focus on marketing & getting sales.

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3000+ "Done For You" Facebook Ads Image Template + Image Editor

You need clean, eye-popping images to attract your audience to click on your Ad… Unfortunately, you don’t get this with Retarget .

Retarget  is super great software but this feature, among others happens to be missing inside… But I’ve filled up the gap for you.

Ohh yes! Here’s my design software that will enable you to create popping & high converting designs in minutes for your Ad campaign… anybody can use this tool, even a 3yr old.

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PLUS, you’ll also learn how to setup a profitable retargeting Ad campaign on Facebook.

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​Facebook Headline Analyzer...

This will save you tons of money & enable you to eliminate the guesswork in your Ad campaigns…

This enables you to  analyze your Ad headline before you publish your campaign… With this, you already know what will work before your Ad goes live.

Retarget currently doesn’t have these features, but I’ve taken the stress to develop them & to give my members and unfair advantage over every other person purchasing Retarget through other Affiliates.

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'All In One' Toolkit for getting Social Media Clients.

One of the most important resources that helps you to sell Social Media Services are contracts, documents, strategy documents and scripts that are proven to convert.

In this documents package you're going to get everything you need to acquire and convert leads into customers in your Social Media Agency.

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This Scarcity Software Can 10X Your Profits, Leads & Get You 300% More Traffic Using The Exact Strategy BIG COMPANIES use…

  • Fully Hosted Software, One Click Add To Your Site.
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  • Bonus Pages, Product Sales Sites, Shopify Sites And More
  • Integrates with all popular email marketing platforms

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​Script/Funnel Writer

reate scripts for your videos in minutes with funnel writer.

Generate high quality - professionally written sales scripts customized to your business in minutes. Simply fill in your business profile and the software generates a script for your sales video, Opt-in page, Webinar page, email swipe and much more..

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​White Label 30 High Quality Video Backgrounds

Use these Moving Background Videos to Create more Engaging Green Screen Videos

Creative, High Quality Background Motion Videos You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos

Full Rights To Use Each Of These Videos For Your Own Purposes - Use Them With Your Clients Or In Your Own Business

Scenes From Parks, Nature and In-House Scenes... Something For Every Occasion

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​Delicious Flat Icons

White-label rights to repackage & resell in your own apps, websites or as a standalone package.

Icons are an essential component of many design projects, but creating custom icons for each project is rarely practical as it's so time-consuming thus we've created this icon pack for you to use whether they're personal or commercial projects.

Upsell Bonuses

You only get access to this bonus when you get Retarget from Me + Any Upsell

Bonus #1

Access to My 14 in 1 Facebook Marketing Software (Socicake)

This is among My BIGGEST software that has been launched in JVZoo . It's the the ULTIMATE Facebook Marketing Tool Kit that includes 14 different software that will help you effortlessly drive literally Everyone Accessing Facebook Every Day to your offers or your website.

With Socicake, you can 10x Your Engagement, Traffic, Leads, And Sales To Get amazing results For Yourself And even your clients.

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Here are the Ten Tools Included in this bundle are:

1.) Rich FB Post Editor

2.) Facebook Post Manager

3.) Clickable Images Creator

4.) Messenger Bot

5.) Messenger Broadcaster

6.) Comment Bot

7.) Soci Inviter

8.) FB Ads & Content Designer

9.) Optin Link

10.) Live Engine

11.) Syn Poster Tool

12.) Content Tool

13) Interest Explorer 

14) Influencer Tool