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Purx AdSense Protector

Purx AdSense Protector will help you to save your Google AdSense account from unusual invalid click activities and click bombings. As per the Google AdSense terms, Google doesn’t take any responsibility towards these invalid click activities or click bombings and always point the finger towards the AdSense publisher, giving him/her all the blames. Now it is time to end this problem, once and for all.


Purx Amazon Booster

Still manually searching products and pasting affiliate links in posts? What happens if the products get outdated? With this special Booster, you do not have to worry about it nor trouble to do such repetitive tasks. Just pick categories which suit your site and it will automatically display the links of decent products just coming out from Amazon today.
The links are tagged with your Amazon Associate ID. This supports 14 Amazon locales and works even on JavaScript disabled browsers. Insert the ads as widget or place generated shortcode or PHP code where the links should appear.
If you want to search a specific product, yes, you can do that too. If you are good at HTML and CSS coding and know a little about PHP, you can create your own template! That means you can design the layout.
Display affiliate links along with your posts with this plugin to generate actual income with minimal efforts.


Purx AdSense CTR Boosting Theme

If you have even wanted to earn more money from ads on your website, Ad-Sense theme is the one you should get. It is the most ad friendly theme in the market and comes with features like better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for ad block users. Simply put, this theme helps show ads to users who don’t want to see the ads


100+ Premium WordPress Themes

Now you don’t have to search for WordPress themes if you are going to create a new website or want to revamp an existing one. Simply choose from these HIgh Optimize Premium Themes that covers all Niche and Businesses.Use them for Blogging, Niche Marketing, Local Businesses or even for Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Link Defender

This amazing Software will protect your hard earned Affiliate Links and increase your commission by 300% by a secret Link. redirect your cloaked Links to your desired sites without getting Notice.
Bypass merchant’s Squeeze Page and send your Prospects directly to their Sales Page. You can also Link your own Sales Page when your merchant’s Sales page is not having good Quality. 


Article Rewriter Pro


Want to Quickly build your blog or fill your website with content? Article Rewriter Pro will enable you to create your desired new articles with just a few click. 100% Unique and Fresh Content. You can use this Rewriter to make content for websites and Blogs that are not build with Purx. 


Keyword Research Ninja

This is a must have software to find out Viral Content Keywords that are easy to rank. Using these keywords, you can rank your Purx Viral Sites in Search Engine and make more passive income without much efforts. 


Blog Announcer

Let you ping All Search Engines and Big Online Portals when you publish a new content. That is how websites get traffic by letting the Search Engine about the new content.


PPC Conversion Equalizer

Are You fed Up with your Google AdWords conversion ratios? Use this software to automatically boost your conversion ratios to the highest possible level!


Access to a Done-For-You
Professional Blog that You Can Monetize
(Value $997)

When you grab Purx today, you’ll be able to use it to set up your blog… On the other side, we’ve seen that this is going to build a serious competition because everybody grabbing Purx today will equally be using it to create their blogs & they are styled the same way.

this is why, as part of my special bonuses for you today, I’ve engaged my team to create a professional ready-made blog that anyone can make money with… you can monetize this blog via Adsense, CPA or review & sell other people's products inside.

this is valued at $997, but you’re getting it for FREE.


Access to a Case Study On How We
Rake in $500 - $1,000 from a Blog
(Value $297)

As one of my special bonuses for today, I'm creating A training to show you behind the scene how one of our blogs is generating $500 - $1,000 monthly on autopilot... I'll show you everything we are doing & give you all our blogging assets for free.

This is valued at $297, but you’re getting it today from me for FREE.


How to Attract Thousands of Free Traffic
to your Website Using Referral Marketing Strategy
(Value $297)

This training is mind-blowing and is by far worth more than what you’ll invest today to get Purx.

It’s a secret marketing strategy that’s used to acquire thousands of traffic without paying a dime.

Top brands like Paypal & Dropbox make use of this strategy… With this strategy, dropbox grew from 100k users to 4 million in just 15 months (that’s a whopping 3,900% increase).

As part of my special bonuses, I’ll show you how to use this marketing strategy in your business + give you free access to a tool that you can use.

Everything in this bonus offer is valued at $297, but you’re getting them for FREE when you purchase Purx through me today.


10 PLR Products + Reseller License

The truth still remains that, the only way to make money online, is by selling or promoting a product online.

Now you have a software like PURX , as you know already, you can Create Any Type Of Funnel & Memberships 

But, what if you don’t have a product to sell?… That’s not a problem.

this is where my bonus comes in… Today, I’m giving you access to 10 All Ready created digital products, with their marketing funnels… you sell them & keep the entire profit.

It’s easy to customize & use… just edit, customize them with unique names for the product, then sell to your visitors.


DFY Webinar Funnel +
Free Training (Value $997)

Anything that’s worthwhile takes time to master - So It took me a long while to really master Webinars & to start profiting from it.

But how would you like to fast track your journey today & make your first Webinar a success?

As an exclusive bonus to compliment PURX , I’m giving you access to my profitable Webinar Funnel + a guide on how to setup your first webinar.

My DFY webinar funnel contains;

  • A DFY webinar signup page
  • DFY Webinar confirmation page
  • DFY Webinar replay page.

This bonus is VALUED at $997, but you’re getting it for FREE when you purchase PURX through me today.


Complete Sales Funnel Course

​Step By Step Guide On How to Build A High Converting Sales Funnel

As an entrepreneur, it is very challenging to keep track of your sales process. It becomes more difficult when you intend to convert a lead to a customer, no matter the type of business you may be running. Not just funnel tracking, but also figuring out how to turn leads into potential customers is a problem most teams are facing.

This Step by Step Video Course will show you everything on how to build a converting funnel from the point of customer acquisition to monetization.

You will be getting this complete Sales funnel course when you pick up through me.


[Hack] How to Get Free
$100 Bing Ads Credit (Value $187)

Like every/any online business, traffic is essential… and you need lots of it to be successful & make money from Webinars.

But, what if you could tap into a massive amount of traffic & instantly convert them to your Webinar leads without bleeding from your pocket?

It’s cool, right?

As part of my exclusive bonus package for PURX , I’m give you access to a secret hack on how to get free $100 Big Ads credit…

With this, you can setup your first Webinar & get 100s to 1000s of leads without spending a dime.

This bonus is VALUED at $187, but you’re getting it for FREE when you purchase PURX through me today.


​Secret Push Notification Traffic Software

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business, and even with PURX , your business still needs traffic, a lot of it.

Now imagine you could drive traffic to your funnels & re-target every visitor without paying a dime to Facebook… Even send notifications to your visitors right inside their browser to update them on your products & follow-up with them… trust me, this is amazing!

And this is what this tool does for you… you can grow your traffic & profit with this tool all for FREE…

This tool is valued at $297, but I’m giving it out to you for FREE when you purchase PURX  through me today.


​​Lead Capture Tool

A website must Do Something, It must generate leads for your business which you can nurture and prospects. Which is Why I thought it useful to also give you a lead generation tool

The very secret to earning huge recurrent income online, whether you’re selling through your website or blogs, is having a list of audience that you can continually send emails to.

The top marketers are always adding to their email list & this is what you should be doing too.

For this reason, I’m giving you access to my list building pop-up tool. It’ll immediately pop-up when a visitor lands on your website or blog, then capture their email address & other details.

This tool is valued at $279, But I’m giving it out to you for FREE as part of my special bonuses for PURX 


​2000+ Internet
Marketing Email Swipes

We’ve been engaging & communicating with our clients via emails & we understand very well how to sell online using high compelling email copy.

this is why, when you purchase Super Funnels through my link today, I’ll give you access to our email marketing swipe file containing 2000+ dfy written emails that can use to market to your clients.

the swipe file contains every kind of email for your email marketing needs… Inside you have;

+ Engagement email
+ Follow email sequence
+ Promotional Emails
+ Newsletters
+ Welcome emails
+ Seasonal campaign emails etc …

this swipe file is currently being used by our team & have never been given out as a bonus. It’s currently valued at $497, but you’ll get it for FREE when you purchase PURX through me


​​Leverage Social Proof & FOMO

People tend to follow what others are already doing, also known as the ‘herd effect.’ This completely obliterates buyer’s remorse.

That little voice that says ‘you’re about to make a mistake’ instantly changes to "So many people can’t be wrong. If they are already in, then this is a good deal. I need to get in on this too."

That’s it. One little encouraging push and you make that sale! It works. Period.

As one of my VIP Bonuses for PURX you are getting lifetime Access to ClickFOMO

ClickFOMO helps website and ecom store owners harness the psychological principle of the herd effect, social proof and fomo - 'the fear of missing out' to double, triple or even quadruple their website or store conversions. Currently selling for $67…