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When you purchase Mobile Verse Take Over through my link today, as part of my bonuses, I will give you free access to my brand new app.

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Here’s a peek of the Powerful Features inside;

— Laser-Precise Lead Generation In Sync With Client Websites & Domains
— Social Media Footprint Tracing For High-Converting Leads
— Deep Lead Search Based On Email Service Provider
— Ad Type & Analytics Filter For Lead Generation
— Review Based Target Identification
— Criteria Specific Lead Provision
— And more inside…

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Access To My 100k Facebook Ads Custom Audience

Without doubt, Facebook is one of the biggest & most profitable social network to advertise your product & find clients.

But the problem is, with billions of people actively using Facebook, it's hard to find the perfect customers for your product... You'd have to put in serious time & money testing
different interest, age, demographics, etc.

What if I save you all that stress, such that you can find thousands of customers for your business without sweat.

As part of my bonuses for Mobile Verse Take Over, I'm giving you free access to my Custom Facebook Ads audience of 100k real people from tier 1 countries.

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The Big Ticket Pricing Guide

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