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Time Stamp

  • 01:57 - Your Income producing Assets generates wealth
  • 05:53 - Why this is Perfect For Newbies
  • 09:14 - 3 Principles to making 4 figures a week
  • 13:10 - Who Is Steve Tari?
  • 14:27 - The 3 Secrets
  • 16:15 - Secret #1 CashFlow Business
  • 41:20 - Secret #2 Client Formula
  • 43:56 - Bonus Client Getting Hack to get $500 Daily
  • 53:49 - Secret #3 Instant Result
  • 01:06:15 - Webinar Special - Everything You are getting today
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Ready To Launch Your Completely Done For You Business In A Niche That Overflows With Demand But Suffers From Bad, Rehashed & Overpriced Supply?

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Ever Tried To Start An Agency,

Maybe Using A Software You’ve Purchased, Trying
To Help Businesses While Getting Paid?

Ever Tried To Start An Agency,

Before I talk about the opportunity at hand and all that stuff,
I’d like to first introduce myself and my partner, so you know who you’re talking to.

So once again I’m steve and we’ve all gathered today to discuss one simple thing:

The potential of selling digital multimedia assets to a 
BLUE OCEAN of hungry buyers.

Because you and I both know, that starting your own business online, let alone an agency or a not easy AT ALL.

In fact, so many of us have tried it and failed.

Here’s why

Here’s Why It DIDN’T Work:

that’s because with all the technology available, It’s easy to build a website, it’s easy to select a payment processor, it’s easy to outsource or take a course and learn a skill.

Well maybe not easy, and many times very expensive,
But definitely ACCESSIBLE.

And of course naturally agencies are also hot because you get paid high amounts per sale without refunds and without risk.


If You’ve Ever Bought ANY Commercially 
Licensed Multimedia Asset

Such As a Plugin Or A Stock Photo For Example, Then You 
My Friend Are Sitting On A GOLDMINE.

The thing is, stock resources and other multimedia assets are something we, as marketers on JVZOO, Clickbank, as online marketers, usually have access to.

Every now and again a “stock” platform launches on JVZOO and most of us probably have at least 1 of those.

However, the vast majority of online businesses and local businesses going online, don’t.

So they either pay to subscription sites like shutterstock, envato, but over-spend BIG TIME..this is where you’ll mostly find freelancers getting their assets from for their big clients.

Or they just buy per image, per piece, what they need. This is where you’ll find most local businesses that go online.

And both, will benefit GREATLY from YOUR marketplace.

The freelancers web developers and designers will LOVE the marketplace because they can buy just like they do in shutterstock, but CHEAPER..

And the local businesses will LOVE the marketplace because it’ll be cheap, fast and without any headaches (and if there’s one thing old schoolers hate, it’s headaches)

I started making sales with this very “method” (not really a method, just an easy BLUE OCEAN) last year, and I’m telling you, you have to join.

We Made This Goldmine Accessible In



Your Marketplace and in one-click import the DFY Multimedia Assets You’d Like To Sell & a File along with a cart and a unique design ready for traffic and sales.


58,000,000 ACTIVE Buyers with multiple client getting sources such as Clientfinder, traffic generation blueprint, and social sharing.


by Collecting Payment automatically through multiple payment options & Deliver The Assets

Average Price Per Sale - $250

Expenses = Absolutely $0

Time Worked For The Sale: 5-10 Minutes At Most


No Downloads or Installation Required

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With this FREE commercial access, Sell UNIQUE, Customizable Multimedia Assets Such As Graphics & Video Templates, Music, Canva Templates, Plugins, Stock Resources, WP Themes & More In A Blue Ocean Of Over 58,000,000.

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AI-Powered Avatar Builder And Editor ($197)

AI-powered Avatar builder and editor that creates stunning avatars and cartoon characters that you can also sell to your clients.

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Professionally Made Mega Suite Marketplace Blueprint (Valued At $2997)

To further make MegaSuite a frictionless point-n-click profit maker, we have created a full-blown blueprint for our MegaSuite family. The training takes you from beginner level to becoming a proficient user of the MegaSuite Marketplace platform AND also, helps you start and run a profitable agency business using the platform.

We’ve broken the entire use cases of MegaSuite and all its features into actionable easy-to-follow steps that take you from a beginner to a seasoned Marketplace owner.

This academy was originally created for our $2,997/Year VIP Members but with their permission, we’re making it available to those who pick up their access today.

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You will be able to easily find out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Manage all your profiles, track competitors and relevant conversations, improve performance, and much more with this template.

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Mega Suite 3D Box Maker

Commercial access to an Elegant 3D box maker that creates unique stunning visually appealing 3D Boxes you can use or sell on your Marketplace