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His income has increased by 27% from when he used 3rd party autoresponders

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He's getting 100% email deliverability for EVER promo he sends


Multi-User Email Platforms

Are NOT The Way To Run A Long-Term, Viable Business Because ...

You have NO control.

The bad actions of someone ELSE can put your business at risk

“Big name” platforms often tell you what you can or can't mail and restrict the subscribers you import

Some independent platforms have limited features, charge extra as you grow, and can attract more spammers by being "IM-friendly"

It was time to start from scratch - luckily I'm skilled at creating high-quality software that works.

I needed an autoresponder I could use to run my own business and offer to others that had the same issues I'd been through.

The goals were high:

An Autoresponder Anyone Could Use That Would:

Provide SUPERIOR email delivery - with no user's delivery being put at risk by the actions of others

Allow Unlimited Leads Import with no restriction

Let people send unlimited emails with NO monthly fees emails with NO MONTHLY FEES


It Took 8+ Months To Develop
And Fully Test

Because this was brand new - a revolution in autoresponder software with nothing comparable on the market.

But finally it was ready so ...

I Started Using LetsMail For My ENTIRE Online Business

It worked so well that Mike and I agreed we HAD to make this available to other marketers..

Finally, a REAL solution for email marketers that demand results.


The full-featured SPAM-PROOF autoresponder for results-driven digital entrepreneurs

With LetsMail

  • Delivery rates are CONSISTENTLY higher than I ever got with 3rd party email services
  • Bounce Rates are Much Lower than before
  • Overall open rates, clicks and PROFITS from email have INCREASED!

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Free Done-for-you LetsMail
Setup On Your Server
(Valued at $497)

As I told you earlier, LetsMail is self-hosted — what this means is that you need to install the software on your server & set it up by yourself.

.. the setup process is simple, but also very technical.

If you’re not a technical person, you might make mistakes while doing the setup yourself.

But what if you don’t have to do any work at all… What if we help you to handle the entire setup, while you just sit back & relax. 

As part of my exclusive bonus for LetsMail, I and my team will help you set up the LetsMail software on your server & get it to work smoothly for you. 

This offer is very exclusive & we are only doing it for the first 30 persons to purchase LetsMail through my link today.


VIP Course On How to
Build An Email List With LetsMail
(Valued at $297)

In this training, I’m going to show you how to build an email list & store your contacts on LetsMail.

  • I’ll show you how to create a lead funnel & integrate with LetsMail
  • I’ll show you how to drive free traffic to your lead funnel
  • And much more inside…

Access to this VIP course is valued at $297, but you can get it from me today for free when you purchase LetsMail through my link.


Free Access to
100+ Done-for-you LeadFunels
(Valued at $497)

As part of my exclusive bonus offer for LetsMail, I’ll give you FREE access to 100+ lead funnels that you can use immediately to build a profitable list.

It comes complete with EVERYTHING already built for you.

You don't need to waste a second of your time trying to setup Leadfunnels for your list building campaign or waste your money to hire someone to help you.

This is what you’re getting;

  • 100 Lead Magnets
  • 100 Squeeze pages
  • 100 thank-you pages
  • 100 Facebook Ad copies + Ad images.

    This bonus alone is valued at $497, but you’re getting it for FREE when you purchase LetsMail through me today.


497+ DFY Email kit &
Copywriting App Bonus

(Valued at $497)

The problem is, writing high converting emails is not a stroll in the park and requires copywriting skills, time and money (if you outsource).

This kit comes with 500+ DFY email swipes you can copy and deploy - engagement, storytelling, presell, sales, etc; across different niches.

This LeadGrow upgrade is worth $47 but you will be getting it for free today if you purchase LetsMail through me...

>>>See Sales Page Here


Lead Capture Tool
(Valued at $197)

A website must Do Something, It must generate leads for your business which you can nurture and prospects. Which is Why I thought it useful to also give you a lead generation tool

The very secret to earning huge recurrent income online, whether you’re selling through your website or blogs, is having a list of audience that you can continually send emails to.

The top marketers are always adding to their email list & this is what you should be doing too.

For this reason, I’m giving you access to my list building pop-up tool. It’ll immediately pop-up when a visitor lands on your website or blog, then capture their email address & other details.

This tool is valued at $279, But I’m giving it out to you for FREE as part of my special bonuses for Letsmail


27 Red Hot Ideas for your next Free Report
(Valued at $97)

Turn your cold traffic to warm traffic that’s familiar with you instantly with this… Truth be told, It’s hard getting cold traffic to signup for a webinar, let alone sell your products to them. So the best thing to do, is to warm up your cold traffic by giving out Free incentives like reports to them.

And that’s where this bonus comes in,

I’m giving you 27 hot ideas to create a FREE report for your cold audience… With this, you can get your cold audience to trust you and even grow your list too.

You’re getting this product completely FREE as one of my bonuses for LetsMail


Leverage Social Proof & FOMO
(Valued at $97)

People tend to follow what others are already doing, also known as the ‘herd effect.’ This completely obliterates buyer’s remorse.

That little voice that says ‘you’re about to make a mistake’ instantly changes to "So many people can’t be wrong. If they are already in, then this is a good deal. I need to get in on this too."

That’s it. One little encouraging push and you make that sale! It works. Period.

As one of my VIP Bonuses for LetsMail you are getting lifetime Access to ClickFOMO

ClickFOMO helps website and ecom store owners harness the psychological principle of the herd effect, social proof and fomo - 'the fear of missing out' to double, triple or even quadruple their website or store conversions. Currently selling for $67…


(Valued at $497)

Brett's all inclusive internet marketing toolbox with a drag and drop page builder, webinar platform, interactive video builder, pop up builder, and intensive marketing training Normally $497, yours free as a limitet time bonus


Instant Video Site
(Valued at $104)

Instantly create high converting, scarcity driven, mobile responsive video pages. The agency license sold for a total cost of $104 but you get it for free as a limited time bonus


Instant Video Site
(Valued at $97)

Bretts step by step training and software that gives everything needed to copy his 6 figure per year review site success. you can pay $94 for this with the agency/reseller license, or you can get it for free as a limited time bonus


How to Build a Messenger List +
Free Messenger Bot Software

Showing you how you can start building your messenger list on Auto pilot

That’s right. Messenger sees open rates of 80-90% and click-through rates of 20% (and sometimes as high as 50%!), which means that Messenger marketing is about 10x more effective than email marketing. If you’re used to email marketing, you’ll know that those numbers are incredible!

Now, as part of my bonuses for LetsMail I will be showing you how you can start building your messenger list on Auto pilot using this Free Messenger Bot Software.

This Software is Valued for $97 , you will be getting for free when you purchase LetsMail through my link.


DFY Webinar Funnel + Free Training 
(Value $997)

Anything that’s worthwhile takes time to master - So It took me a long while to really master Webinars & to start profiting from it.

But how would you like to fast track your journey today & make your first Webinar a success?

As an exclusive bonus to compliment LetsMail, I’m giving you access to my profitable Webinar Funnel + a guide on how to setup your first webinar.

My DFY webinar funnel contains;

  • A DFY webinar signup page
  • DFY Webinar confirmation page
  • DFY Webinar replay page.

This bonus is VALUED at $997, but you’re getting it for FREE when you purchase ​LetsMail
through me today.