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Plus: Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions To Help You Succeed

  • Set up your own widely successful marketing consultancy business in minutes…
  • Keep 100% of the profits of all the sales you make
  • Save time and money by using our done-for-you marketing tools
  • Make thousands of dollars  starting today using our ready-made website, proposals, graphics, contracts, & more.
  • Charge a premium fee by offering the following as Done-For-You services:

>> Marketing Consultation Services    

>>  Social Media Consultation Services

>>  Funnel Consultation Services.           

>> Graphics & Design Consultation Services.    

>> Branding Consultation Services

>> And more….                                      

  • 12 'Done For You' Agency Marketing Kits to help you target the hottest niches.


  • 12 'Done For You' Agency Marketing Kits to help you target the hottest niches.
  • Keep 100% of the profits of all the sales you make
  • Save time and money by using our done-for-you marketing tools
  • Make thousands of dollars  starting today using our ready-made website, proposals, graphics, contracts, & more.
  • Charge a premium fee by offering the following as Done-For-You services:

With  Agency Accelerator Trainings & Weekly Coaching Sessions on Zoom

Special Bonus

52 LIVE (Weekly) Coaching Sessions
Over The Next 12 Months (Value $1,997)

This is not hype or some promise that we won’t be able to keep!

We have been running this every week since December 2020 - Feb 2022.

Build And Execute Real-World Digital Marketing Campaigns & Scale Your Business While We Hold Your Hand All The Way To 6-Figure Profits.

What is better than launching real products and having experts help you create your marketing funnels for leads and sales?

Every week, master in-demand skills and obtain a 360-degree understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem. Turn your marketing ideas into reality.

Learn to incorporate tools that you have previously bought (and cold storage) to launch and promote services that businesses are desperately looking for.

Get on Zoom every week with us, put on your headphones, get your computer readied. You will learn and have your hands-on activities from the comfort of your study space!

Be yourself while you learn with us to build a highly profitable 6-figure business!

Take A Look At The Kind Of Money
Marketing Consultants Are Making…

His net worth
is estimated
at around
$160 million

Neil’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million

Not Just These Celeb Level Marketers…

Even Normal People Like You And Me Are
Making Thousands & Millions of Dollars As 
Digital Marketing Consultants

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You Are Getting:

12 'Done For You' Consultant Kits
For 12 Lucrative Agency Models

(Each Niche/Model comes with a ready website, proposals, 
graphics, ads, outreach scripts, contracts, etc)

'Done For You' Video Marketing Agency Kit

'Done For You' Video Marketing Agency Kit

'Done For You' Content Marketing Business Agency Kit

'Done For You' Mobile App Agency Kit

'Done For You' Web Design Business
Agency Kit

'Done For You' Restaurant Business Agency Kit

'Done For You' Bot Agency Kit

'Done For You' SEO Business Agency Kit

'Done For You' Copy Writing Business Agency Kit

'Done For You' Social Media Marketing Agency Kit

'Done For You' Design Business Agency Kit

'Done For You' Virtual Tour Business Agency Kit

Each Of These 12 'Done For You'
Agency Kits Include:

Consultant Websites
Ready-Made Marketing Consultant Websites

Ads Creative
Done For You Facebook Ads Creative

Proposal Presentations
DFY PowerPoint & Word Proposal Presentation To Close Clients Instantly

Telemarketing Scripts
DFY Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts

Email Sequence Highly Optimized Cold Email Sequence

Attorney Drawn Contract:
An Attorney Drawn Contract Agreement

Commercial Graphics Stunning Commercial Graphics Package For Consultancy Services

Google Ads
DFY Web Banners & Google Ads


Complete Hand-Holding 
For The Next 52 Weeks 
To Help You Succeed…

Most of our members get RESULTS from the 2nd week


 Access To A Done For You Digital Agency Marketplace (Valued $997)

Get free access to your own marketplace (similar to Fiverr & upwork) where you can list all your digital services, and sell them on the GO.

It’s better than selling different services on different websites.

With this, you can showcase multiple offers to your audience and profit MORE.

The best part is that the Marketplace is easy to navigate and fully under your control.

You can set prices for the different services you sell & collect payment immediately… and the entire profit is yours — no need
to pay commissions or transaction fees to anyone.

You can also collect customer email address & reach out to them via email to drive more sales.

This is perfect for you if you’re a freelancer or you run an agency where you sell multiple services to clients.

 Agency Accelerator Training

Agency Accelerator Training to help you generate leads for your new agency & close clients

 Dropservicing & Agency Arbitrage

Dropservicing & Agency Arbitrage Service where we connect you to awesome freelancers we have personally worked with who deliver ALL these services for less than $50

BONUS #4 : Free Hosting

When you pick up the Local Agency Box we'll add free web hosting access for your websites. Unlimited hosting for your domains, no restrictions! If you had to pay for this, you’ll easily spend between $97 - $300 annually on web hosting.

Here’s what you get inside:

  • Unlimited Disk Space

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

  • MySQL Databases

  • Easy Control Panel

  • Website Builder

  • 100% Free

  • No Hidden Costs

  • Free Subdomains

  • 99.9% Uptime

BONUS #5 : 1.2 Million US Business Database

This is a very premium and congruent bonus to the Local Agency Box offer! 

When you combine this database with your LocalAgencyBox prospecting kit, you’ll simply be unstoppable and light years ahead of your competition. 

Just imagine this… With LocaAgencuBox, your target clients are local business owners and now you’re getting a robust database containing all the relevant data about over 1.2 million local businesses across the US. 

The database include:

  • Business Name

  • Category

  • Sub category

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip code

  • Phone Number

  • Website

  • email

  • latitude

  • longitude

This is no doubt a guarantee that you are going to be successful with Local Agency Box, so hurry and pick up your access right away!

BONUS #6 : Local Business Graphics Bundle

This is an all inclusive bundle of 40+ premium and attention grabbing marketing graphics pack cutting across over 40 local niches. The graphics were professionally designed and come ready made with high converting copies/text!

You can use them on your website, for social media marketing, you can use them to run ads… In Fact, you can use them for virtually any marketing or branding purposes you can think of.

You are getting access to both the jpeg file for a preview and the PSD file, so you can easily edit and customize to fit your specific need.

You also get agency rights to the bundle. This means you can both use it for yourself to get clients and you can as well use it to render services to your clients.

Hurry now to pick up Local Agency Box and get instant access to this special bonus.

BONUS #7 : How To Sell Product Or Service Online (Online Marketing Masterclass)

Selling online has never been an easy deal, it gets even more complicated and competitive as the world advances.

However, Top marketers will tell you that internet marketing is one of the biggest and lucrative Businesses ever..

So how do they do it, what are the secrets and what are you missing.

These are what have been answered in this video and even more.

Especially as a LocalAgencyBox user, this course will help you close High paying customers who will pay good money if you follow the steps in this video.

BONUS #8 : Restaurant Database

With LocalAgencyBox, you get a complete and ready made agency kit for Restaurant agency. This will allow you to help local restaurant operators to take their business online. 

The fact is, Restaurants and cafes are one of the most severely affected during the pandemic lockdown, as a result restaurant operators now see the need to take their business online so they can easily receive and manage orders over an online platform.

This means that the market for your restaurant agency is there and very hot and with Local Agency Box and the special bonuses, you get the assets to close these clients and render them the service..

But I wanted to make this deal a lot sweeter…

Once you pick up your access to LocalAgencyBox today, you get instant access to an exclusive database of over 780 thousand restaurants across the US.

The database fields include:

  • Business_Name, Cuisine, Rating, Addr1, 
    Addr2, City, State, Zip, Country, Latitude, 
    Longitude, Phone, Email, Website, 
    Open_hours, Meals

With this database, imagine how easy it will be for you to close clients and completely dominate that niche!