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RE: How To Get All The Traffic

You’ll Ever Need In 2020 And Beyond…

If you’re trying to succeed online then it’s no secret that you’re going to need traffic right? Honestly, there’s no way you can achieve your online business goals without it. You could have the best products, service, and training in the world, but if no one ever sees it...you won’t make a single dime.

But did you know that using paid traffic is the best way to succeed online fast? It’s true. And there are so many who are raking in the cash by using paid ads. However, there are others who rely on organic traffic and it takes MONTHS AND EVEN YEARS SOMETIMES for them to see any results.

FACT: There Are Only Two Types of Marketers.

Those Who Use Paid Traffic...And Those That Should. (Which One Are You?)

If You’re Like

Those Who Use Paid Traffic Then…

You’ve probably seen some success or if you’re like most who run paid ads, it’s incredibly frustrating. You’ve probably lost more money than you care to count. Regardless of whether you’ve had some wins with paid ads, we both can agree that it takes ALL DAY to try and create one campaign right?

I’m sure you would agree it would be great to be able to create winning ad campaigns in only 1/4th the time it would normally take

If You’re Like

​Those That Don’t Then…

You’re probably filled with fear and think that you have to mortgage your house and future to run paid ads. Fortunately for you, that’s not true. You could actually start with a very small amount and see AWESOME results like we’ll share on this page in a moment.

So...What If You Could Create Amazing Ads Quickly

That Brought You A Ton of Sales Like This?

Spend - $109.45

​Sales - 39

​Revenue - $2159.92

​Spend - $176.23

​Sales - 50

​Revenue - $2769

See, when it comes to generating traffic from ads and turning that traffic into profit...we know exactly what we’re doing. And quite honestly, we don’t understand why more people don’t use paid ads.

Just by tapping into the power of paid ads you can:

Test an idea out quickly

Get traffic instantly

(sometimes in just hours)
instead of waiting for months

​Know what’s working

and what’s no

​Get into profit

streams in days

​Setup brand new income

streams in days

It’s True.

Paid Ads Can Help Grow Any Business Quickly...

​If You Have The Right Tools

Now let us be clear on something:

There are success stories and stories of failure when it comes to running ads. We’re not oblivious to the latter.

But when we look at those who have succeeded, they always had access to the right tools. Tools that helped them work quickly and resources that showed them the ads that worked vs. those that didn’t.

So we got to thinking…”what if we could create a resource that could help create high converting ads quickly?”

​And if we did create it, it had to:

​Be easy to use

even for beginners

​Allow anyone to create

highly engaging ads fast

​Be able to create

ads for multiple platforms

​Have access to previous

high converting ads

​Include incredible training

for those that may have never run ads before and help them create profitable ads fast

Well, after working for months on the ideas above...

we’re please to announce that we’ve created that solution...


We create Ads for:

The 45-in-1 Ads Suite That Lets You
Create High Converting
Advertisements Fast and Easily!


HowdyAds Demo



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Firstly, it’s not going to be like other reseller offers that you’ve seen in the past… the reason I’m doing it in the first place is because I want you to be able to make money from my next launch, hence I’m putting in everything to make it work for you.

With this reseller license offer, you’ll get 100% commission on every sale that you make for my new software called Storemerce & it’s across the entire funnel.

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VIP Course; How to Discover 
hidden Facebook Audience & interest

Stop losing your money to Facebook like over 88% of other marketers are doing right now… If you’re not getting your desired result from your Ad campaign, I can tell you for a fact that your Ad targeting is the problem - either you’re targeting the wrong audience or you’re targeting an audience that’s saturated.

Facebook actually likes it this way because they want your money… this is why they only suggest 20 - 25 target interests per keyword… and the same keywords are accessible to thousands of other advertisers.

Fortunately, we have discovered a secret on how to unlock millions of hidden Facebook ads keywords & interest… Only few marketers have access to this.

Targeting these keywords in your next ad campaign will certainly explode your sales.

As one of my bonuses, I’ll give free access to this closely guarded Facebook Ads secret… You’ll learn how to uncover hidden keywords & interest in any business niche and super charge your Facebook Ads performance


VIP Training On How to Spy
On Your Competitor’s Ad Campaign

This will enable you to remove the guesswork that’s involved in writing your Ad copy, Headline… and designing an image for your Ads.

As one of my bonuses, I’ll give you access to a free training on how to discover thousands of profitable Ad campaigns in any niche.

… checkout successful Ad campaigns in your niche, copy & paste it and replicate the same result in your business

No guesswork, no split-testing.

You’re getting this for FREE when you grab Howdyads  through me today…


Facebook Video Ads

One thing we can all agree on: the amount of video consumed online has grown at an incredible pace in the last two years, and is set to grow even further.

Here’s the projection: 75% of all mobile data will be video by 2020. And driving this is the huge growth in Facebook users and Facebook’s move to become video-centric.

That is to say that you will be missing out in a lot of Traffic, Leads and Sales if you are not using Facebook Video Ads for your marketing.

This Facebook Video Ads cost when combined with HowdyAds will help you to produce the right Ads for your business.

This Bonus is only available when you pick up HowdyAds from me today.


​3000+ "Done For You" Facebook
Ads Image Template + Image Editor

You need clean, eye-popping images to attract your audience to click on your Ad… Unfortunately, you don’t get this with Howdyads .

HowdyAds is super great software but this feature, among others happens to be missing inside… But I’ve filled up the gap for you.

Ohh yes! Here’s my design software that will enable you to create popping & high converting designs in minutes for your Ad campaign… anybody can use this tool, even a 3yr old.

This software is perfect for you even if you completely have no knowledge about designs… It comes with over 3000 design templates, ready to use inside.

You can also design from scratch, the drag & drop editor makes this easy for you… design without stress.

This tool is selling at $67 at the moment, but you’re getting it completely FREE from me when you purchase HowdyAds through my link.


Facebook Headline Analyzer...

This will save you tons of money & enable you to eliminate the guesswork in your Ad campaigns…

This enables you to analyze your Ad headline before you publish your campaign… With this, you already know what will work before your Ad goes live.

Howdyads currently doesn’t have these features, but I’ve taken the stress to develop them & to give my members an unfair advantage over every other person purchasing Howdyads through other Affiliates.

These tools are valued at $147 each, but you’re getting them from me for FREE when you purchase Howdyads through me.


​​Complete Sales Funnel Course

As an entrepreneur, it is very challenging to keep track of your sales process. It becomes more difficult when you intend to convert a lead to a customer, no matter the type of business you may be running. Not just funnel tracking, but also figuring out how to turn leads into potential customers is a problem most teams are facing.

This Step by Step Video Course will show you everything on how to build a converting funnel from the point of customer acquisition to monetization.

You will be getting this complete Sales funnel course when you pick up HowdyAds through me.


​Facebook Ads Academy

What if you if you are new to Facebook Ad, Well HowdyAds didn't cover this part , but my bonus here is surely going to start you up on what to know about Facebook Ads

Through a well-planned Facebook marketing strategy, you reach your target audience more efficiently. ... Work on what you know best and use Facebook as a source to improve your reach. Adding more value to the organization:

Facebook can better nurture customers, improve awareness and provide more resources to your audience