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Import With Keyword or Channel ID

Just import unlimited videos from youtube, whether they are your own, or from other channels.

Simply enter your keyword, like TikTok, or Dog Training, and select the videos you want to add, and BOOM…

All your selected videos have been imported.

If you’d rather use a CHANNEL to import videos, no problem…

simply select “Import From Channel”, fill in the channel ID, and select the videos you’d like to import. 

It’s that simple.

Now your streaming service is ready to receive views, likes, comments and shares.

Grow Your Following with each Like, Share, or Comment!

After import, you are in control of titles, descriptions, tags and categories, whether they are your own or other people’s videos.

If you want, you can include YOUR OWN AFFILIATE LINKS, and make sales using other people’s videos.

We call that THE NEW ETHICAL VIDEO HACKING METHOD, and it’s now possible with Flixsterz.

Simply share your imported videos to your favorite social media platform and BOOM, your subscriber base will flourish.



FREE Unlimited Reseller License Of Outreachr

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Outreachr is a breakthrough software that allows you to create hyper interactive
content (like, quizzes, surveys, polls, quiz videos etc), and share them on your
website & social media channels to get more traffic, leads & sales.

With Outreachr, you can create content that goes viral with ease, and get people to
engage with your business & skyrocket your profit… without spending a dime!

Reach out to thousands of people across different social networks who are
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leads with Outreachr.

Outreachr is very easy to use… plus it gets you results fast.

In just 3 steps, you can create an interactive content, publish and post on
social media or your website and start getting thousands of traffic, leads
and sales daily.

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Here are some of the powerful features inside this tool;

  • Add quizes and polls to your video

  • Create stories, quizzes and more

  • Create CTAs Quizzes, Generate Leads

  • In-depth Analytics & Statistics

  • Create High Quality Graphics In Minutes

  • Integrate with your favorite Autoresponder in just one click

  • And more inside


Limitless Traffic - How to Drive
Thousands Of Visitors to Stream Your Videos 

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Here’s what a lot of marketers will not tell you today… after setting up your streaming service with FlixSterz, you’ll need a lot of people to land on your video streaming platform & watch your videos.

… And the truth is that you can’t depend on a social share button for good traffic.

This is why, when you purchase FlixSterz through my link today, I’ll show you how to drive thousands of visitors to stream your videos & click on your links.

I’m talking about getting over 1,000 visitors everyday… without paying any dime!

You can convert these visitors to your loyal followers as they watch & interact with your videos… and as a result, boost your sales

Just imagine how many results this will bring to your business…

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Done For You Video Streaming Platform Setup 

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After purchasing FlixSterz, it’s going to take a while for you to set up your
account, upload your videos, add descriptions & add links to monetize your videos.

Trust me, this is going to take a lot of time…

Instead of that, what if we handle everything for you while you relax and
do nothing.

As part of my special bonuses for FlixSterz, we are offering you a done for you video streaming platform setup… we will set up your streaming service and deliver to you fast.

No need to waste time… you just grab your ready-made streaming service and you start getting results.


PageHat 2.0

​Splash Page Magic

The first ever Full Page Dynamic Call-To-Action Page Builder for Wordpress for the online marketer that wants a sure way to build a list of highly responsive YES buyers FAST...

And that will start generating YOUR massive list in a matter of SECONDS, so YOU can start earning insane commissions INSTANTLY!

  • Full screen call to actions for any website in less than 60 Seconds.
  • A proven method to double & triple conversions and optins.
  • A strategy used by Multi Billion Dollar Companies like Apple, Uber, Spotify, Instagram & Paypal.
  • You save 100s or 1000s in designer and developer fees.
  • Stunning looking templates to please any marketer in any niche.
  • Works with all major auto-responders.
  • A/B Testing to find your most converting Pagehat.


Access to My Secret Ad Platform

​3 Ad platforms with millions of visitors & traffic

What if you could run classified Ads online & drive massive traffic to your salespages, blog website, landing page, offers without paying a single dime?

This has nothing to do with SEO or ranking… so you’re not doing any tedious work.

As part of my special bonus package for Flixsters, I’ll give you access to 3 Ad platforms with millions of visitors & traffic, where you can post your Ad & drive quality traffic to your website for FREE… You’re not paying a single dime.

Get access to quality traffic that you can turn to sales with ease.

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Access to Viddictive

​100% Customizable Video Templates

Other Tools Are For Making Videos - Viddictive 2.0 Is For Making Money

Discover How To Create Professional, Highly Engaging Animated Video Ads With The World’s First 100% Facebook Integrated Video Promotion AND Video Ad Creation Engine On The Planet

More Leads, More Traffic, More Sales With 100% Customizable Video Templates & Video Ads In Just 3 Clicks

  • Without ANY Prior Video Experience or Tech Skills
  • Without Having To Hire Expensive Video Companies or Freelancers
  • Without Wasting Your Time or Money On Outdated Video Tools
  • BONUS #6

    ​How to Get Free $150 Google Ads Credit in 2020

    ​your chance to tap into Google

    How would you like to drive thousands of traffic to your viral lead funnel and convert them to hot leads without spending a dime?

    …Cool, right?

    As part of my special customer bonuses, I’m giving you free access to a VIP
    video guide on how to get $150 worth of google ads credit for free.

    An ad budget like this can easily get you thousands of subscribers that you can monetize by mailing your offers to them.

    We all know Google is a very powerful traffic source.

    Here’s your chance to tap into Google and get thousands of traffic without spending a dime

    BONUS #7

    Sales Video Training

    Create High Converting Sales Videos

    Learn how to use membership sites and create your own sales video in less than a day! Kimberly walks you through the 12 Essential Components For A High Converting Sales Video + Mindmap.

    BONUS #8


    ​To Your FLIXSTERZ Account!

    We'll add one extra account in your name for personal use, or for another business you run.

    BONUS #9

    Stock Images & Backgrounds

    ​Image & Video Backgrounds

    Finding the right images backgrounds for your project can consume many hours of work and cost you a ton of money. But for this launch only, we have found the best images for you!

    BONUS #10

    Intro & Outro Videos

    ​INTRO & OUTRO Spokesperson Videos

    Use these professional spokesperson videos to start and end your promo. and light up any offer and get the action that you desire from any hungry buyer.