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With CreateStudio you can create complex animations and effects with click, drag & drop functionality! We take out the complexity, and allow you to make complex animations with ease

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Animation usually requires time consuming and complex keyframes. Not any more, thanks to our pre-built motion presets! Select your text, images or videos and quickly animate. You can also easily build your own custom animations on our timeline editor!

Meet CreateStudio

The most intuitive drag & drop video animation software made for
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  • Character Explainers
  • YouTube Content
  • Intros & Lower Thirds
  • Promotional Videos
  • Udemy Sales Video
  • Video Ads
  • Instagram Stories
  • ecommerce Videos
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Video Wrappers

If you can point & click, you can make
jaw-dropping videos



Facebook Video Ads

One thing we can all agree on: the amount of video consumed online has grown at an incredible pace in the last two years, and is set to grow even further.

Here’s the projection: 75% of all mobile data will be video by 2020. And driving this is the huge growth in Facebook users and Facebook’s move to become video-centric.

That is to say that you will be missing out in a lot of Traffic, Leads and Sales if you are not using Facebook Video Ads for your marketing.

This Facebook Video Ads cost when combined with Create Studio will help you to produce the right Ads for your business.

This Bonus is only available when you pick up Create Studio from me today.


How to Host Videos Online for Free

If you find yourself taking your first steps into the crazy, wonderful world of video marketing, at some point you’re going to have to deal with the question of video hosting.

You spend your time working on and creating an awesome video and you're ready to share it to your customers using Vimeo and Wistia but  you're going to pay monthly for the use.....and they may shut you down if they don't like your video. AND sometimes you get that annoying buffering thing happening and that just sends your customer on to the next.  

That's multiple problems. Here is how to get video hosted and embed in your website without any recurring payment issue and strict policies to be concerned with.

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Make Money Selling Videos
Without Doing a Single Work

Recent studies by Hubspot reveal that 62% of people thoroughly consume video content. This makes video the most thoroughly consumed medium of transmitting information.

Business owners are aware of this and they are willing to pay huge fee to get the best video content out there.

You can use CreateStudio to get the job of video creation done while I show you how to make money selling these video contents without stress.

This bonus will only be open to you when you purchase CreateStudio through me


​Video Thumbnail Creator

A great video thumbnail can make all the difference when it comes to a viewer clicking through to your video or deciding whether or not to watch another.

It lets your viewer know what they’re about to see, and why it’s something they should be interested in - just like what a book cover does.

With a software like CreateStudio that will enable you create traffic pulling videos, you still need an eye-catching thumbnail image to make your video standout & be clicked often.

This is why I'm giving you free access to my Video thumbnail creator software that will help you create video thumbnails in minutes... You can also use it to create social media post banners & coverphotos.

Inside this software, you have over 2000+ prebuilt templates to pick & work with.

This software currently sells for $67, but can get it today for FREE when you purchase CreateStudio through me.


​Done for you CreateStudio Agency Website

Video Industry is already the Next Big Thing.

You know that, and your prospects know that too. But are you making the most of this trend and are you already selling your own Video Marketing Agency services yet?

If the answer is no to that, you are in luck today because we just hand-crafted the most perfect Sales-Pulling Video Marketing Agency Website for you .

With this Website you can make a lot of money by reaching as many prospects as possible and creating stunning videos in 1-click for them using CreateStudio.

Simply customize it with your contact details, link the call-to-action button to a Google Form or Typeform to collect your clients details and this can be your very own customer conversion machine.


​Done For You Legal Agreement Doc

We spent $400+ to get commercial rights on this professionally written contract so that YOU can cash in right away,

Now once you start getting those clients, you are going to need a solid contract to seal those deals.

The thing is, getting a contract professionally written is not cheap. In fact, we got in touch with a professional Video agency, who spent no less than $1,000 for this same contract you will be getting today

All you have to do to get access is to pick CreateStudio through my link.


​Done For You Power Point
Presentation for CreateStudio

Presentation matters in a consulting business.

Just present our persuasive PowerPoint presentation to your prospect, and watch them BEG you to take their money…

Loaded with professionally designed graphics and statistics specifically crafted to convince your prospect why they need your service and why they should choose you to do it for them RIGHT NOW!

2 out of every 5 prospect that sees this presentation writes us a check.


Access to Millions of Assets for
Creating Stunning Marketing Videos

This is an arsenal of visual assets & creatives containing over 7 billion visual assets that will enable you create stunning video & images that your audience will find very hard to resist.

Inside you have;

=> 10,000+ Audio tracks
=> 8000+ Animated Backgrounds
=> 2 Million HD Stock Images
=> 200+ PPT Template
=> 18,000+ HD Video Vector Designa
=> 1,000+ GIF assets
=> And more inside.

​=> 100+ Illustration Character

=> 50+ call to action buttons

​=> 50+ shapes & elements

=> 50+ royalty-free music track

This is worth more than the price you’ll pay for CreateStudio, but I’ll give it to you for FREE when you purchase through me today


Done for You Facebook &
Google Ads Marketing Assets

Finding the perfect clients online that you can create videos & sell to doesn’t need to be
difficult… especially if we are helping you do the hardwork.

As a bonus for CreateStudio, I and my team will help you create a winning facebook
& Google ad campaign + all the marketing assets you need…

just grab it, deploy… and start making profit.

- We will create high converting Facebook & Google Ad images for you
- We will help you create attention grabbing headlines for your Ads
- We will create high converting Ad copies for you.

Again, you don’t need to do anything… just grab it, deploy & start getting sales.


Client Booster Explainer Template

Get our free client getting explainer video template, you can quickly edit inside CreateStudio.
This is perfect for sending to potential clients, showcasing what styles of videos you can create,
assisting you to land new deals fast.


GreenScreen Kit

Download our greenscreen kit that comes with premium motion backgrounds to display behind
your greenscreen footage. As well as some special greenscreen footage to use in your videos. Inside
CreateStudio you can remove greenscreen backgrounds and edit your greenscreen videos with this kit!


Client Questionnaire

Working with new clients? Where to start? Send them this questionnaire doc! This will help you to
better understand the clients needs and assist you in your video creation process! Adjust any questions
and send it over in seconds!