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Both Tony Robbins and Neil Patel agree that content is king!

And, if you don’t have expert content - you shouldn’t even try to rank on Google, or any other search engine. Because great content is the biggest factor when it comes to getting high search engine ranking.

But hey, you don’t need just “any” content, you need high quality, human readable & Google-friendly content written in the voice and style of an expert in your niche.

Now, there are three ways to get that kind of content...

The thing is, all of those come with their own problems...

Writing content yourself is perhaps the most effective and inexpensive way of going about it, provided that you're good at writing compelling content, and can write in fluent English with good vocabulary, and without making a lot of grammatical mistakes.

And even if you can do that, writing content yourself will take a lot of your time.

Reading, researching, writing, proofreading and then refining your final work.

All of this is painstakingly time consuming. 

Doing that once or twice is fine, but over and over again? Nah!

Not easy. You'll eventually lose motivation to write. And let's face it - with low motivation, you will have ZERO energy to talk about your content on social media. Result - ZERO traffic!

I know it because I have been there.

I have set up so many WordPress blogs, but after writing 4-5 posts, I run out of motivation and those blogs sit there without making any money.

Which means that writing yourself isn't the right long-term solution

Now with that out of the equation, you decide maybe you should hire Tony Robbins...

Hiring Tony to do it for you would clearly be the most effective way to get a blog post that sounds like Tony.
But even if you could get him to do it, I’m sure his fee would be outrageous. Especially if you wanted to regularly have him create content for you.

Which means that hiring an actual big-time expert isn’t the right long-term solution.

Now with that high of a cost simply out of the question, you decide to simply steal Tony’s content and hope he doesn’t notice that you’re using his content for your blog.

Depending on your luck, you may get away with it for a while. But it’s a big risk.

Not a great way to grow a business.

And at some point, it won’t be very friendly on your pocket as you may need to hire a lawyer to help you deal with the lawsuit that could come your way.



This is to Content Marketing what Bohemian Rhapsody is to music.
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Any Decent Content Creation Platform
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3 Done For You
Professionally Designed Blogs

One of the easiest ways to monetize content is through a blog.

There are too many ways to profit from this;

— You can convert your visitors & readers to active leads using opt-in forms on your blog.
— You can sell affiliate offers by adding them to your content
— You can earn money from the traffic on your blog through Google Adsense
— You can sell your own products/services on your blog.

Because of this, we’ve decided to help you design a professional blog where you can post the content you generate with ContentGorilla & make money.

… It’s 3 blogs in 3 HOT niche - wealth | health & fitness | diet & nutrition.

Each of these blogs is valued at $997.

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Access to My PDF Creator

When you purchase ContentGorilla through my link, you’ll get free Access to my PDF creator software.

It’s the perfect tool to merge with ContentGorilla.

As you create quality content with ContentGorilla, you can instantly turn that Content into a gorgeous PDF report that you can use in different ways;

-> Can be used as a lead magnet to grab leads
-> You can package exclusive Content in the form of PDF reports & share them with your clients.
-> You can create a PDF course, sell & make money.

The best part is that the software comes with pre-designed templates that you can use easily.

All you need do is select a template, edit content & add yours, customize the design... and that’s it.

This software is valued at $497, but you can get it for FREE today when you purchase ContentGorilla through my link.


Text to Video Creator

How would you like to turn your content into world-class videos that grab people’s attention & drive more sales to your business?

As a bonus, we are giving you access to a software that creates top-quality videos from just text…

… And No skill or experience is required.

With this software, you can create stunning videos that generate more traffic, leads & sales.

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Free Google Adsense Training

This is a step by step training on how to start making money from Google Adsense.

Inside, you’ll learn;

— How to create an Adsense account
— How to get Google to approve your Adsense account
— How to create hot content that gets a lot of traffic & generate top dollars in Adsense profit.
— And more

Access to this course is valued at $297, but you can get it today for free when you purchase ContentGorilla through my link.


Content Marketing Plan

In this training, I will share exactly how you need to manage your content marketing.

This is a newbie-friendly training that can help you execute and secure additional organic content on complete autopilot by following our simple script.


​Content Management Checklist

Discover “The Insider Secrets” and Our Step By Step Strategies We Use to Absolutely Crush Content Marketing and Drive Boatloads of Hyper Engaged Traffic To Our Websites, Funnels, & Offers!


Merge Articles

Save Hours Of Time By Easily Merging A Large Amount Of Content Into A Single Document With Click-Button Ease!


Web Guard Copy Software

Stop Your Valuable Website Content Being Stolen And Copied Onto Other Peoples Sites ...And Boost Your Traffic, Too!

Plagiarism is one of the common violations that many online publishers are facing.