Create & Sell Timed ‘Challenges’,
‘Marathons’ or Bootcamps’

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Recreating A ‘Workshop-Like’
Environment on the internet

Since COVID-19 businesses have been forced to adjust.

Coaches trainers and consultants have been forced onto the internet because they can no longer run in-person workshops like before.

Problem is: It’s hard to hold your customers attention through the internet.

The Problem: Social Media sites distract
& Workshops aren’t enough…

Until now marketers have used Facebook groups, Instagram private chat or webinars to host their challenges.

Enter your text here...Problem is: They’re unprofessional, they have limited options. Most prospects don’t ever finish the course and theres no way of tracking the effectiveness of your challenge.

Not to mention… it’s difficult to charge a high fee for unprofessional challenges run through social media or webinars.

The Solution: Create & Run professional ‘Workshop-like’ events on the internet!

The answer: You need a solution that includes a combination of all of the aspects your students love about ‘Live in-person’ workshops.

Interaction, homework, Active learning, Daily drip-fed content, daily actions, daily interactive chat & diaries.

It’s like workshops 2.0! It allows you to charge more, create better results for your students and stay up to date with exactly how your students are performing. We call these Challenges.

What Is A Challenge?

It has many different names. Challenge, Bootcamp or Marathon. It’s like a workshop or bootcamp except it’s on the internet. These ‘Challenges’ start at a specific date and time. Students sign-up to achieve a specific goal by the end of the challenge. That goal could be to learn a new skill, build a website or create an income online.

Once the challenge begins students can communicate together and with the instructor of the challenge. Each day they receive new training and homework to complete. Over a period of 30 - 60 days the student will then complete the challenge and have achieved the goal that they had set out to accomplish at the beginning when they first signed up.

How Online Marketers
Are Profiting With

Well known marketers like Russell Bruson, Wilco de Kreij and others are using challenges to grow their companies, improve their customer results and make money on the internet.

Here's How You Can Profit
With Challenges.

Course Creators:

Use challenges to increase engagement, help students in a collaborative, competitive environment, make more money repurposing content. Repurpose your courses or transform your courses into challenges.

Challenges put a time-limit on students completing the training. They motivate students to go through each and every lesson. Students can connect with other students and motivate each other to complete the challenge.

As a course creator you can improve your students' results, gather more testimonials for your future challenges and sell more products packaging training into a progressive, step by step 30 or 60 day training system.

Software Developers:

Use challenges to educate your audience about using your software. Teach them over 30 days to get results with your software. Increase customer retention and build a larger more loyal user base. The most effective method for signing up users to your software and ensuring they pay a monthly cost for the software years after is through a challenge.

Sell a challenge and with that challenge give your students a 30 day trial to your software. Then use the challenge to help them to successfully use your software and get results.

At the end of the challenge you’ll notice that your students will stay users of your software for dramatically longer than if they had simply signed up but never gone through your challenge.

This is the ultimate ‘sticky’ strategy for growing software startups.

Experts/Trainers & Coaches:

Engage your students in new ways with quality, online, high-end challenges. Engage with your audience in a “Live Workshop” style environment on the Internet. Run webinars & publish homework for your attendees to follow. Take your offline workshops and load them into a ‘30 day online challenge’. Sign your students up for the challenge and engage with them through the challenge as you would within a ‘live coaching’ environment. Sell your challenges for higher prices and run live workshops along side them. Sell more online and expand your customer pool.

Online Marketers:

Enhance your courses or sell challenges as ‘more engaged upgrades’ to courses. Create courses that challenge your students, drive results and help you to sell more products with true ‘scarcity style’ challenges.Enhance your courses with challenges. Add a challenge to your product as an upgrade or fe offer.

Drive more results for your products. Even turn on ‘Evergreen’ challenges to run challenges year round engaging your students.

This is perfect if you’re selling training products over JVZoo, Clickbank or independently through processors like Paykickstart, ThriveCart or others.

Run Challenges For Clients:

Educate your clients & engage your clients in a new way through a challenge. Signup high paying clients & drive more results through challenges. Get paid for this service.Get paid for creating challenges with clients. Charge a percentage or a one-time fee to help your clients run challenges. This can be a great service to offer for businesses, fitness trainers or experts.

Offer challenges to clients and get paid for helping your clients to manage their students through the challenge.

Introducing ‘Challenges’
By Member App

With ‘Challenges’ by Member App you can
 now use our newest technology To create
 professional, time-based or evergreen
challenges In minutes.

All In 3 Easy Steps

Step #1
Create your ‘Challenge’

Choose a name for your challenge, a guide then create your Challenge.

Select a start date, end date, create lessons for your challenge and when those lessons will be released.

Step #2
Customize Your Challenge

Use our ‘Visual Editor’ to quickly and effortlessly customize your challenge. Preview your challenge within one click.

Step #3
Publish & Sell your challenge

Publish your challenge and invite your first students. Integrate with your favorite third party service and pre-selling or selling spots to your challenge.

Automatically manage your challenge as students engage. View student progress and add new students throughout the duration of your challenge.



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