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7 Powerful SAAS Tools, In One ULTIMATE
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Pagewatcher: Track Competitor/Guru Ads

Live-track the ads from the pages of all your competitors, gurus or anyone else. You'll be notified every time they release an ad.

Know what your competition or favorite marketer is up to and stay ahead of the trends.

Not another ad library filled with irrelevant and old ads. The Pagewatcher gives you the latest info always.

Hidden Audience Finder: Get Cheaper Clicks & Better RoI

There are tens of thousands of audiences that are not shown in the audience finder of Facebook’s Ad Manager.

The hidden audience finder lets you exploit these audiences, ripe for you to run your ads and profit from.

Get cheaper clicks, better conversions and customers that aren’t targeted to death already.

Behavioral Retarger: Get Higher Conversions With Behavioral Retargeting

Facebook retargeting works, but you can boost your conversions 300% if you use Behavioral retargeting.

AdPlify brings you supercharged retargeting that lets you reach out specifically to highly engaged customers.

Find & target your super-customers. People who will buy faster and more.

Page Targeter: Get Market Intelligence & Audiences From Competitor Pages

Ready to benefit from the hard work done by your competitors?

The Page-targeter lets you discover hidden audiences owned by the massive pages in your niche. Just take their audience and their customers!

Power your sales with the hard-work done by your competition.

Email-List To Audience: Continuous Retargeting For Your Autoresponder List

Imagine how many more sales would you make if as soon as a lead signed up to your list on your autoresponder, he was also retargeted on Facebook?

Strike the iron while it is hot.

No need to tediously export autoresponder lists and import them into Facebook. It happens continuously and automatically.

Target your customers on multiple platforms and make them convert faster.

Ad Decorator: Make Your Ads Pop Out in The Overcrowded Feed

Have you seen how some Facebook ads use emojis and really pop out?

AdPlify’s ad decorator lets you create highly noticeable ads in minutes. Click-Click, done!

Make your ads pop out and grab your customer’s attention every time.

RoI Calculator: Scale your ads intelligently & profitably

AI based RoI calculator helps you understand how much money you will make from your spend without having to actually spend it.

This easy to use Calculator will help you calibrate your ad spend to generate the maximum RoI (Return on Investment)

Turn a better profit from every dollar you spend on Facebook.

Grab Your Special One-Time Price During Launch Sale

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​Commercial & Agency Rights Included During Sale



​​Free Access to 100k Facebook Custom Audience

In my opinion,this is by far the best bonus on this page.

If it’s the only reason you decide to purchase Adplify, then it’s good… do everything to not miss this bonus.

The truth is that it takes time & costs money to find ONE customer from thousands of unserious prospects on Facebook.

What if you can save your time, money & jump several steps ahead… 

As part of my bonus,

I’m giving you free access to a laser targeted Facebook audience with 50k - 100k local marketers, eCom owners, info marketers, etc…

You can show your Ads to these guys & start getting sales instantly… No time to waste!

This bonus is valued at thousands of dollars, but you get it from me for FREE when you purchase Adplify through my link.


​​Powerful Facebook Ads Image Creator

Now… as a Facebook advertiser, people see your image before reading the message on your ads.

which means - if your image is not catchy & attention grabbing, they will easily scroll past it… and those are potential sales being lost.

… the solution is to create stunning images that can grab attention at first glance.

But it’s a lot of work, so you don’t need to do it yourself.

As part of my special bonuses, I’ll give you access to a software that’s designed to create jaw dropping images designs for social media ads in minutes.

… You don’t need any design skill to use this tool.

And the best part is that it comes with pre-made templates… just select and use them for your ad campaigns.

This tool is valued at $497, but you’re getting it for FREE today


​Facebook Headline Analyzer...

This will save you tons of money & enable you to eliminate the guesswork in your Ad campaigns…

This enables you to analyze your Ad headline before you publish your campaign… With this, you already know what will work before your Ad goes live.

Adplify currently doesn’t have these features, but I’ve taken the stress to develop them & to give my members an unfair advantage over every other person purchasing Adplify through other Affiliates.

These tools are valued at $147 each, but you’re getting them from me for FREE when you purchase Adplify through me.


​Artificial Intelligence Facebook Ad Copy Generator

Are you having trouble writing your Facebook ad copy & headline?

… Well! that’s not a problem,

As part of my special bonuses, I’ll give you free access to a software that
is designed to help you write high converting ad copies & headlines.

It’s very easy to use… all you have to do is to enter a few keywords that
are related to your offer and the A.I software goes to work immediately

… Automatically generating high converting Ad copies & headlines that
compels your audience to click on your Ad and take action

You get this tool for FREE when you purchase Adplify through my link.


​Facebook Ads Academy Course

How would you like for me to hold you by the hand and guide you on how to successfully run a Facebook Ad campaign for your online business, using all the tools above… including Adplify?

As part of my bonuses, I’ll give you free access to our Facebook Ads course, containing all our best kept secrets for running a successful Ad campaign.

In few minutes of going through this course, you’ll automatically become a Facebook Ads expert… and grow your business fast.

This course is valued at thousands of dollars, but you can get it for FREE when
you purchase Adplify through my link


Unlimited Access To The Biggest Stock
Collection Of Images, Cliparts, GIFs,
Videos & Audio Files

Want to make great ads? You need great graphics.

Get AdPlify and we will give you all the graphics you will ever need. is the biggest collection of stock media assets with images, cliparts, animated gifs, videos and audio files.

Make amazing static or video ads without spending 100s of dollars buying stock assets from expensive websites.

AdPlify gets you everything you need right here.


Resellers License to Tube Reaper Jeet

Tube Reaper Jeet gets you both broad and specific search for an unlimited resource of long tail video keywords. Sources thousands of video keywords in a minute.


​Resellers License to Vidwords Jeet

This unique tool finds you all the keywords you could want in your niche, and also helps you discover untapped niches and segments that you can capitalize on to get more and more viewers and make videos that really explode!

Vidwords finds its keywords from a special source, so you're sure to get a number of untrapped, fresh keywords that nobody else has sucked dry yet!


​Resellers License to SEO Harvester Jeet

This fast and user friendly software application allows you to search for ultra targeted keywords for your content campaign. Get more value with this SEO keyword research tool.


​Resellers License to Videobox

Powerful and easy to use video conversion tool helps you create perfect videos for social media by quickly resizing any video to perfect size for every social network. Get the maximum organic reach everywhere.