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Rent out your Storefront and start generating recurring revenue by selecting from a virtually unlimited supply of 125+ Million small business “tenants” who NEED & WANT a way to offer “Touchless Online Ordering” to their customers!



Rinse & repeat as many times as you want to grow your monthly recurring revenue by RENTING an UNLIMITED number of Storefronts to an UNLIMITED number of businesses for UNLIMITED earning potential!

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“The Rapid Storefront Builder”

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LifeTime Access To My Brand New Client Finder App (Yet To Be Launched),  Value($1,997 )

When you purchase 7DD through my link today, as part of my bonuses, I will give you free access to my brand new app.

It’s called ClientFinda.

It’s the FIRST & most ADVANCED Lead Finder & Client Acquisition app that is designed to Search Deep to give you the most targeted & qualified LEADS for any business niche in minutes.

For the first time, you can REST & stop worrying about getting clients for your Agency business.

With ClientFinda, you can land HIGH PAYING Clients in your business without WASTING Money or your Time trying to get clients on your own.

The best part is that it’s EASY, just 3 steps involved;

Step #1 - Enter your target audience, you can filter by location,
niche, social media presence, online reviews etc.)
Step #2 - View Businesses That Are Most Likely To Buy Your Services
Step #3 - Close clients & profit.

Here’s a peek of the Powerful Features inside;

— Laser-Precise Lead Generation In Sync With Client Websites & Domains
— Social Media Footprint Tracing For High-Converting Leads
— Deep Lead Search Based On Email Service Provider
— Ad Type & Analytics Filter For Lead Generation
— Review Based Target Identification
— Criteria Specific Lead Provision
— And more inside…

This app is valued at $1,997, but you can get it for FREE when you purchase 7DD through me today.


Access To My 100k Facebook Ads Custom Audience,  Value($1,497 )

Without doubt, Facebook is one of the biggest & most profitable social network to advertise your product & find clients.

But the problem is, with billions of people actively using Facebook, it's hard to find the perfect customers for your product... You'd have to put in serious time & money testing
different interest, age, demographics, etc.

What if I save you all that stress, such that you can find thousands of customers for your business without sweat.

As part of my bonuses for 7days , I'm giving you free access to my Custom Facebook Ads audience of 100k real people from tier 1 countries.

With this, you can run ads to advertise your products, target the right audience and sell your software products.

And you know that Facebook charges a very tiny fee for custom audience, which means you'll be saving a lot
of money in ads cost by using my custom audience.

This bonus is by far worth more than what you're going to pay for 7DD.
It took me several years & a lot of money to build this custom audience, but I'll be giving it away for free when you purchase 7DD through my link tomorrow.


(Free Training) How To Rent Your FIRST 5 Digital Storefront,  Value($297 )

In a bid to ensure that this offer, Digital Landlord Agency doesn't end up among those purchases that get abandoned.

I and my team will be giving you access to a step by step training specifically created to help you succeed as a Digital Landlord.

... Inside you'll learn how to rent out storefronts & build a 6 figure recurring business in the SHORTEST time possible.

Access to this bonus is valued at $297, but you can get it today for FREE when you purchase The 7 Days Digital Agency through my link.


20 Voice Overs By The Top Spokesperson In Internet Marketing,  Value($750 )

Todd has recorded a variety of voice overs to entice business owners to become your customers.

Add these audios to your videos for a true professional touch.


Business Finder Software (A $197 Value)

Finding businesses and the right point of contact is the hardest challenge in landing high paying clients. Team Todd has developed a solution to this critical problem.

We've created an entirely new app that can find businesses along with the phone number, email, and website in a single click.


Social Media Image Creator Value($97 )

Create platform-specific images for Facebook & Instagram with correct dimensions. This app even comes with ready-made templates that you can completely customize.


Customer Relationship Management System,  Value($499 )

Track and organize your prospective leads and know exactly where each one stands in the sales process to better CONVERT leads into SALES! A very simple and powerful tool.


Proposals,  Value($199 )

Once you’ve turned your prospective client into a customer by signing the proposal you sent, you can also send out an invoice to get paid! This is integrated with the CRM as well and is done all through the client’s phone, so they see it immediately.


Earnings Calculator,  Value($67 )

Calculate your earnings, project growth, set sales targets, map your path to success! All built into your storefront builder.


Link Redirector,  Value($199 )

You can use this tool to build redirects, cloak links and keep track with stats of how many visits each link receives!


Auto-Responder,  Value($499)

A built in Auto-Responder in your Storefront Builder! Send follow up emails after sales are made, promote additional products, and more.


Free Advertising Credits Worth $500

This bonus will get you free advertising credits worth $500 for all your advertising needs on Google, Linkedin, Bing ads, yelp, Tiktok Apple Search ads, and Amazon Ads.

Here is what You'll be getting when You Purchase 7Days Digital Landlord through Ifiok Nkem Today

You'll be getting Bonuses Worth $6,501 when You purchase 7DD Today Through My Link;

  • Life Time Access To My Brand New Client Finder App (Yet To Be Launched), Value($1,997) First 24hours
  • Access To My 100k Facebook Ads Custom Audience,  Value($1,497 )
  • 20 Voice Overs By The Top Spokesperson In Internet Marketing,  Value($750 )
  • Business Finder Software (A $197 Value)
  • Social Media Image Creator Value($97 )
  • Customer Relationship Management System,  Value($499 )
  • Proposals,  Value($199 )
  • Earnings Calculator,  Value($67 )
  • Link Redirector,  Value($199)
  • Auto-Responder,  Value($499)
  • Free Advertising Credits Worth $500

With 7DD and My exclusive Bonuses worth ($6,501)  Plus  Free Training on How To Rent Your First 5 Digital Storefront the sky is Your limit... Become a 7day Digital Landlord Today and unlock my Bonuses